Breaking: Asphalt 4 for iPhone, to be released today? – [Updatedx6]

[Updatex6] – 30.08.08 (15.09pm GMT)


[Updatex5] – 23.08.08 (20.54pm)

It is now apparent the release of this iPhone title has been significantly delayed for some reason or another. Either way, Gameloft have provided a section of their website dedicated to iPhone gaming titles. They seem to be updating the site more regularly lately. The link you need:

[Updatex4] – 18.08.08 (17.29pm)

As we are clearly approaching the release of this title for iPhone, any extra information seems to be vital. This information was posted in June but I thought I’d update the article with it, as it provides reasons as to why no screen-shots are available.

According to Pocket Gamer

You’ll have to forgive the lack of screenshots, as Gameloft isn’t able to share any assets for the iPhone version due to stringent control by Apple. We can tell you that the visuals are a slight notch above those found in the mobile version. No worries, though, as Gameloft plans on launching Asphalt 4 on the App Store before the end of the month so you can test drive it yourself soon enough.

This suggests Apple has complete control over PR and advertising of Asphalt 4, and has Gameloft on a tight leash.

[Updatex3] – 16.08.08 (18.46pm)

TouchArcade claim the title has already missed it’s late July release. Meanwhile, Pocket Gamer recently had the opportunity to take the iPhone version for a quick test drive:

“Time was of the essence when we buckled up for our test drive of the game. The short race we played had us zipping in a blue Mini Cooper through the streets of Los Angeles, speeding toward the finish line in hopes of seizing first place. Any competitors in our way were unceremoniously taken off the road with a bash from behind or swipe from the side. The takedown mechanic is one of the few distinctive features of the series that returns in Asphalt 4 and it’s more satisfying than ever. Enhanced graphics obviously make take downs visually more appealing, but it’s a greater sense of destruction accompanying each take down that really ups the crash factor.”

[Updatex2] – 16.08.08 (15.23pm)

The application did not appear on the store yesterday. It’s now anyone’s guess at when the release will be.
November-December? – Possibly.

[Update] – 15.08.08 (19.36pm)

The application was not published to the store between 5-6PM (9-10AM EST). Here’s hoping we see it appear on the store before the nights out!

Original Article:

In a recently published article by Time magazine, it is suggested that the well-overdue, and it’s fair to say – highly anticipated – title from Gameloft, Asphalt 4, could hit the App Store before today’s out.

According to Time

“But more enticing titles are around the corner. Asphalt 4 from Gameloft will be the iPhone’s first multiplayer, wi-fi game when it debuts on Aug. 15. And Spore Origins, a special version of the most anticipated video game of the year — Will Wright’s evolution-themed Spore — will go on sale Sept. 7. It won’t be as elaborate as its PC counterpart, but Spore Origins will feature 35 levels of game play and be packed with fantastical creatures. It’s titles like these that could bring the iPhone into the same league as the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.”

Is also seems Gamesloft are trying to keeping this as close to thier chest as possible, until it actually hits. Currently no footage is available of the game in a functioning state, and YouTube videos which were breifly posted – claiming to be the real deal – were pulled, swiftly.