The Halo Effect: Does it exist, or is it Hype?

The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect

From Wikipedia

“The halo effect refers to a cognitive bias whereby the perception of a particular trait is influenced by the perception of the former traits in a sequence of interpretations.”

When people talk about Apple, they talk mainly about the iPod. The iPod had, and most still think, has, a halo effect surrounding it. The basic theory is, you end up buying a low end iPod at first, and on that experience alone, brings you to upgrade to a higher, more featured, model …

Let me put you in the picture by stating my history of apple products:

- In January of 2004 I bought the iPod mini (generation 1)
- Then in February 2006 I bought the iPod nano (generation 1)
- In September 2007 I bought the iPod touch
- In January 2008 I bought a Mac mini
- In May 2008 I bought an iMac
- In June 2008 I bought iPhone 3G

Are we now seeing the iPhone create the same effect?

The halo effect for iPhone, is just beginning ...

When the iPhone was first released in June 2007 everyone went crazy and it ultimately flew off the shelve. Why? – What sold the iPhone to those hundreds upon thousands of people? – The experience they had previously with their Macintosh computers? – The branding? – hardware itself? – it’s interesting.

If I was to be fair, as much as I like my iPhone 3G, it didn’t offer anything over what I already had, apart from the touch element. Why would people fall over each other to handle this product if something much more powerful wasn’t in effect? – Cue, The Halo Effect.

The halo effect surrounding the iPod, is now, in my eyes, unstoppable. Apple will never stop selling iPod’s, the branding and marketing together is just too well executed. With the iPhone however, the effect is only just beginning. The first generation offered something entirely new to the market, and flew off the shelve. The second generation enhanced more features, added others, but lets make no mistake here, there were no ground-breaking technologies used within iPhone 3G. 3G had been done, GPS had been done. What I think ultimately sold the iPhone 3G was, the halo effect. The experience of another of Apple’s products which made you rush out and hand over the cash, to experience another.

Apple are helping it along too. Remember, Apple now have iTunes and Safari operating on Windows.
A deliberate move? – of course – The theory being – show Windows users what they are missing, and mac sales will rocket.

The effect is everywhere, and if you’ve bought an Apple product of any kind, your only just beginning to experience it.