iPhone 2.1 to Hit Today? – [Updatedx2]

[Update - 01.09.08] – (21.29pm)

This information was false, we apologise for publishing it.
The time now is 21.30pm GMT, Apple did not release 2.1 today.

Original Article:
NickSpohn of Mac Rumors, recently pointed out a previous trend in Apple software releases, which could suggest they are now gearing up to release the next revision of the iPhone 2.0 software, version 2.1, later today …

He notes:

Based on last years firmware updates, and now this years, I think it is safe to say that 2.1 should be released September 1st, or the first week of September. If you notice with the 2.0.x updates:

2.1 – September 1st – Monday
2.0.2 – August 18th – Monday
2.0.1 – August 4th – Monday

Which were 2 weeks apart exactly, and i doubt was just a random coincidence.
Take it with a grain of salt if you wish.

Nick’s thinking is that as Apple released 2.0.2 for iPhone on Monday August 18th 2008, and that that is exactly 2 weeks today, Apple could be gearing for another release today. Not only that, if you look at the gap between the release of iPhone 2.0.1 and 2.0.2, this is also exactly 2 weeks. Coincidence?

Software releases for iPhone and iPod touch lines are usually released to the public between 10-12am EST (6-8pm GMT) – Meaning if the rumor is true, we still have a couple of hours to go. As stated by Nick himself, this is a shot in the dark based on previous trends in release, and should not be taken as gospel, just yet.

Via: Mac Rumors