EA: “We’re Bringing Need for Speed to iPhone and iPod touch!” – [Briefly]

Electronic Arts earlier last month announced its intentions to bring one of the most popular racing franchises in the world, to iPhone. Need for Speed first saw it’s introduction into the gaming world in 1994, and it’s safe to say that although it proved the concept, the graphics and storyline wore thin. Today, Need for Speed is a fast-action, thrilling ride, with customisable cars, tracks, and truly mind blowing graphics …

Interestingly, the title is said to star Mission: Impossible III actress ‘Margaret Quigley‘ (Maggie Q).

According to Touch Arcade

“As a handler, she will recruit and guide players as they go undercover to infiltrate and take down an international crime syndicate. Players will complete dangerous jobs, compete in street races, and take part in cop chases along the way.”

Need for Speed: Undercover will be released on:

North America: 18th November
Europe: 21st November

[Update] – Right around the same time Tomb Raider: Underworld hits.
- My my, this will be interesting …

As well as iPhone, the title will be available for Xbox360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo DS, PC, iPhone, and mobile handsets.

Via: Gamasutra / Touch Arcade