RazorianFly is looking for Editors! – Fancy it?

Do you love the App Store? Slightly addicted? As you probably know, we have a great existing team of editors here at RazorianFly, and now it’s time to expand this team further. If your interested in joining one of the best looking, most updated, relevant blogs on the net today – Awesome! We’re ideally looking for persons who are highly interested in blogging, breaking news, tech in general, Design, Apple, iPhone, iPod, iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro, Apple T … I think you get the picture.

Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator experience is an advantage, but not required. Think you’ve got what it takes to join the editorial team here at RazorianFly? Hit the jump for more info! …

Yep – We’re opening the door for a final time.

If your Apple freaks like us, love graphic design or just want to blog about something but feel creating your own blog isn’t the way to go right now, and you possibly (most probably) won’t ever start a blog, other than being part of an existing one – then listen up! RazorianFly aims to bring you the latest Apple news and reviews, as well as an in-depth look into the App Store, and shows you how to design using industry standard software, for free.

Averaging 9.000 unique hits a month, and growing, there’s one thing for certain – whatever you write here is sure to get noticed – and the great news is, we’re still growing. From iPhone to Photoshop, we focus mainly on Tech and Design – a combination which we feel isn’t really seen around here very often.

With recent events like beta testing the FPS Zombie Mansion before it even hit the App Store, hitting the frontpage of high-profile sites like Touch Arcade and Kotaku, and securing exclusive interviews with top iPhone developers like Moo Cow Music, Couchworld Games and IG Fun (developer behind Bioshock), we feel we’re gaining a bit of status in the tech blogoshpere – and if you choose, you can be a part of it all too.

‘The RazorianFly Blog’ as we’re more commonly known, is read by hundreds upon hundreds, daily – and if you’d like to get involved – Maybe you’ve got some spare time on your hands these days? Simply fill out the form below, or post up in the comments. Use the ‘Why’ field to tell us why you want to become an editor at RazorianFly. :)

As an editor, you will be responsible for sourcing new content for RazorianFly.com, along with myself and the current team, and posting and modifying new articles of your choice. We’re looking for editors who are committed, literate, up in today’s tech, own an iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple computer, and most importantly, love what they do.

I can’t wait to see what interest we get back from this, and the great news is we’ll be taking on new editors all the way up until May 28th 2009. What can you bring to RazorianFly?