Tiltafun: Now Available! [Video] [Update]

A few weeks back we gave you an exclusive heads up on a simple but classy game which was heading to the store. Tiltafun. Today RF got confirmation the app had hit the store, and we didn’t hesitate to go get ourselves a copy.

After the jump I’ll take a look at the game in a little bit more depth, and just how it plays out ..

[Update] Here is the new Tiltafun trailer! Apparently, the guys shot this using RED
and managed to film at a resolution of x4 HD.

Original Article:
Developed by new boys On The Rocks Productions, Tiltafun is an entirely tilt-based game (exclusive to iPhone and iPod touch) in which you guide a candy monster round various obstacles, in an effort to eat as much candy as possible. The game control methods work on the same principles as Labyrinth [App Store] or Resco Balls [App Store].

Before I get into the actual review, I’d like to comment a little bit on the whole marketing surrounding Tiltafun. On The Rocks Productions definitely know what they’re doing here. From in-game artwork (of which you’ll see further into the review) and character design to the accompanying promotional shots, they are second to none. Because of this, Tiltafun just screams – polished.

Entering into the game you’ll be greeted with the main menu and from here you can choose to play Tiltafun, turn the soundtrack on or off, or simply get more help as to how you will play the game. Touching play will bring you to the ‘Level Select’ page and here you’ll see initially that World 1 is unlocked, along with 5 accompanying levels. Tiltafun has a satisfactory 10 worlds to complete, with 5 sub levels in each of these worlds. By our calculations that means you’ll get an entertaining 50 levels in total!

Here’s where it gets interesting though. As On The Rocks have an ongoing mind-set of bringing user choice to the forefront, you as the user have the option as to which order you play each of the 5 levels, in each of the 10 worlds. For example, you could choose to play level 1 first, and if you try level 2 and it gets a little frustrating after a while, you can jump straight to level 4, or 5. Surprisingly, because the devs knew you would have this choice in levels, levels don’t seem to chronologically increase in difficulty. Innovative? – I’d so say. Each time you unlock a new world, this will show on the top section of the level selector and will be represented by a new treat. To choose a new world simply tap which one you want to enter. To reveal how many other worlds you have left to unlock just slide left or right.

Ok, so lets jump straight in at … level 3. Each level is timed. 2 minutes to be exact – Enough time to collect all the level’s treats, but also enough to become a little frenzied about the whole situation. In-game you’ll see you control a ball-shaped character. Being called Tiltafun, you’d expect they got the tilting controls spot-on, right? Well I’m glad to say they have. Tilt controls are sensitive enough to not be annoying, but not overly sensitive. I think the only way I can describe this to you is it’s sort of as if the devs have managed to create the simulation of friction between the ground and your candy monster.

See it in Action:

On each level you will encounter walls. These are your enemies, and because of the sensitivity of the controls, and as hard as it may be, your definitely going to want to take your time collecting all that scrumptious candy. Hitting a wall (even slightly) during a level will end that level immediately. You’ll then have the option to replay the level, or simply choose another level to play from that world.

Where are their visual artists?! I want to meet them. From the outset Tiltafun is highly polished. You’ll see for yourself if you end up downloading the title, that from the design of the level backdrops, to the actual design of the candy monster character, level obstacles and finally the different types of collectible candy, Tiltafun is crisp, sharp and visually pleasing in it’s approach – Something I think the developers themselves were aiming to get right first time.

Having said this, Tiltafun’s graphics do have a hint of ‘Kid’ to them. In the sense that if you knew no better, you might find yourself looking at Tiltafun as a kids game – which I suppose it is in many respects, but did not stop me from getting my grubby mitts all over it? Heh, no .. :)

The soundtrack I’m 50/50 on. Firstly, Tiltafun has varying soundtracks. They can vary from level to level, or if one finishes within a level, it switches onto the next one. On one hand, I like them, on the other I don’t. Because of their simplicity, and them having a ‘looping’ nature to them, after a while I found my attention being drawn away from the game itself, and instead going to look for the music on/off switch on the main menu.

Re-Play Value
It’s admittedly a very simple concept for a game, but one which makes you want to play it, and you know what they say – less is more! Addictive? Definitely. Would I open it up and go for another munching session? Yep. Why? – As the game progresses, you’ll learn to control your candy monster better, and coincidentally complete more levels. I assure you, the more levels you complete, the more you’ll want to replay Tiltafun.

Things we’d like to see:

- More variants of soundtrack (Something a little less loopy)
- Achievements
- Online play (Spilt screen Wi-Fi Multiplayer?)

I like Tiltafun. Yes it has some features which could be improved upon (namely – it’s soundtrack), but overall it’s a solid title both visually, and in-game. Yes its another tilt-based game, and yes the tilt, collect and avoid concept it’s based on has been done before, I can’t argue with that, but it’s the polish which sets Tiltafun apart from it’s competition. It’s fun to play and has truly endearing artwork supporting it.

Current status: Recommended

Reviewed at: v1.0
Reviewed on Firmware: 2.2
Download size: 16.9MB
Released on: 21st Jan 2009
Retails for: £1.19

Compatible with: iPod touch Gen 1 & 2 / iPhone Classic / iPhone 3G