THOR / LEGION OF AMON [Concept Art + In-Game Screenshots]

We recently featured Tiltafun – a fun, unique take on tilt based games for iPhone and iPod touch. Apparently, it seems Tiltafun was the start of something bigger, and now On the Rocks are working with CAOZ and Three Melons on two further titles which are set to rock the App Store, sideways …

Note: You are reminded that THOR and LEGION OF AMON are still in their development stages, and screen shots taken of the applications may not depict the final end-user App Store product.

On the Rocks are keeping things pretty close to the chest on these two, but we do have some new info and screen shots to share with you today about each.


A joint effort by On The Rocks Productions, CAOZ and Three Melons THOR is a side-scrolling title with a mixture of pre rendered 3D sprites and 2D illustrations. Just like the title, you play as THOR, the son of Odin, who is embarking on a mission for honor, glory and everlasting fame. One day, Mjölnir gets tossed out of Valhalla and (accidentally) onto THOR’s hands. With this magical hammer and his own godlike strength he takes on the forces of evil, on a quest to save the world (and his father)!

Here are a few new screen shots from the game:

Game Modes
THOR will feature several game modes with varying difficulty levels. Several achievements are unlocked as the player re-plays the levels through different difficulties.


The main character is indirectly controlled by setting different triggers via touch screen. The triggers are, basically, game assets such as lives, collectibles or hazards. Pressing these assets triggers different animations in the main character, such as jumping, sliding or hammering something.


A pack of cultists built a giant mecha to summon Amon into it to control him and his Legion. Something went horribly wrong and you now have to battle through the cultists and Amon’s Legion to get to him.

Legion of Amon is an action packed RPG with vast variety of weapons, enemies, traps, collectible items and settings, with a great story which will keep you playing until the end. The game will be set in vast variety of environments and 2 worlds, and will feature a lot of quests, both tied into the story and optional once.

Character Selection
Players will be able to choose between 2 characters. One heavy and slow character, but more resistant to attacks and stronger weapons. One agile and Fast, but less resistant to attacks and weaker weapons. There will be vast variety in weapons, ammunition and projectiles.

The current aim On The Rocks have set out for the final release is 60 different types of hand-held weapons. Each weapon genre will allow for an upgrade (for example, a nozzle enabling you to shoot three way bullets).

Here are some early concepts for Legion of Amon’s in-game environments that we were given today by On The Rocks themselves:

Keeping in line with the user-orientated approach we saw On The Rocks adopt in Tiltafun, as a player you will also be able to change the stats for: Weapons, Upgrades (Weapons, Health and Speed) and Special Powers. If that wasn’t enough for you, you will also be able to collect different objects and weapons during the game which can then be attached to your exoskeleton suit. These will include things such as jetpacks, missile launchers, etc.

Of course being in such a hostile environment, you may need some help along the way. In-game there will be 6 Mechanical androids available with different functionality (attack, defense, action triggers) and 3 grades of upgrades for each to aid the player through the game. According to On The Rocks, you will be able to use up to 3 of these helpers at any one time.

That’s all we have for now. I definitely like the look of these two games, and I and the team will be sure to keep you up to date on both Thor and Legion of Amon as they near their final release dates. Until then, for an exclusive look at Legion of Amon (including never-seen-before in-game screen shots) you can see a full in-depth look over on Touch Arcade.