Chillingo Announces Crystal

In the iPhone gaming community for the last few months we’ve started to see a rise in the amount of social gaming platforms integrated into applications from Ngmoco’s Plus+ network to Open Fient from Aurora Feint now. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the various platforms with more and more games integrating them and utilizing the social aspect of game play from titles such as Pocket God, Sneezies, StickWars and Aurora Feint (all using the Open Feint platform).

All these companies are aiming to bring an Xbox Live style social networking system to the iPhone, which as dedicated iPhone gamers, we are growing to love and rely on. The biggest problem right now is there’s no standard, so depending who’s game your playing depends massively on what system is supported. Now, UK based App Store publisher Chillingo are putting their cards on the table with their social gaming platform Crystal calling it: “iPhone’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live”.

If your a regular reader here at RazorianFly you’ll know we’re a big fan of Chillingo games and enjoying reviewing them, so we’re extremely excited about Chillingo announcing Crystal. Crystal will be available free to everyone and will include such features as full integration with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook Connect as well as profiles, challenges and achievements.

With Chillingo being such a large publisher of iPhone games, and proving to be very successful with generating huge amounts of hype with big titles such as Toki Tori, Zen Bound and the upcoming Mini Gore we certainly feel that Crystal will be welcomed with open arms and be a fantastic addition to current and future titles.

Yesterday Chillingo released the following Press Release statement:

Crystal will embrace the powerful features of the new iPhone OS 3.0 and provide developers with a fully integrated and transparent framework to include social features in their games. Crystal is iPhone’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Crystal will be free for everyone. It will allow players to create their own profile, add friends, store achievements and game histories and compete with friends via direct challenges in multiple games. It is fully integrated into popular social network gateways such as Facebook Connect and Twitter. Crystal will also allow players to discover games they like more easily.

“Crystal gives developers and gamers a bigger plus all round.” said Chris Byatte, Director and co-founder of Chillingo. “It is set to become the de-facto social gaming standard for iPhone and iPod touch.” he added. Chillingo will open up the Crystal platform for all game publishers and developers. Crystal will provide a host of new innovative features never seen before on a social gaming platform. For more information on Crystal, developers are invited to register their interest now on

We’re looking forward to the official release of Crystal, seeing the games and developers that will be embracing the service and will be bring an indepth look at the social gaming platform upon its release. Could Chillingo possibly be the company to standardize a social gaming platform for iPhone? Only time will tell.