Devs: Superior iPhone Interface Design [Updated]

For those of you who don’t know this already, as well as having the privilege of writing iPhone application reviews for some majorly trafficked iPhone focused blogs around the world, I also design the interfaces for most of these applications, too.

Over at my design studio (and behind the scenes), I work full-time as a freelance graphic designer, working exclusively on iPhone Interface Design for apps which are already on the store, and some which have yet to hit the store ..

With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone and the debut of the App Store I suddenly saw a market open up for great interface design. As the store was (and still is) open to stand alone developers as well as major corporations, with competition fierce, it’s now apparent that users are partly buying their App Store applications based solely on the quality and design of the user interface.

With this in mind, and my previous experience in the design industry, I felt I would offer a high quality visual design service targeted exclusively at the iPhone and iPod touch. In October 2008 I launched RFlyGD. RazorianFly Graphic Design.

So far I’ve designed icons for applications such as Zombie Mansion, Chillingo’s upcoming Inkvaders, Pastie, Athletic Trainer and more. See the full showcase of designs here.

What Our Clients are Saying ..

“We have no hesitation in recommending RFlyGD for cutting edge art and design requirements. Their attention to detail and focus shines through in all finished products. RFlyGD are very talented individuals.” - Chillingo

“RFlyGD is the easiest and most affordable way to get the perfect icon for your iPhone app. After a few screenshots he almost immediately knew what I was looking for in an icon. I look forward to working with RFlyGD again in the future. :)” – Brandon (Taptation)

“The ideas Arron came up with were out of this world. Arron excels at his craft. His creative abilities will lead to a icon design that will make your application stand out amongst your competitors. I will undoubtedly contact him again for other design work.” - Erik Beerepoot (Task Tracker)

Go here to see what everyone else said.

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What Twitter is Saying ..

“Writing an email to an excellent graphics artist about my app.
Guess who it is? (Hint: it’s @RFlyGD)”

- BetaFishApp (View tweet)

“Loving the new wallpaper from @RFlyGD.”
- Condawg (View tweet)

“@razorianfly Wow; I swear… @RFlyGD has some of the most innovative design methods I have ever seen. The logo is just stunning!”
- MontrayDavis

“@razorianfly I love your icons. 90% of the devs need to talk to you about
their crappy icons, LOL. The site looks sleek and very nice :)”

- iStopmotion (View Tweet)

“@razorianfly Agreed, I must agree with @istopmotion, your icons are very impressive =)”
- Kurasu (View Tweet)

@razorianfly Very nice site. Your Zombie Mansion icon ROCKS! Wow!
- Bessamy (View Tweet)

2009 Services

iPhone devs listen up! Do you have an application in the works? Maybe you’d like some GUI elements for this app? Look no further. I’m Arron Hirst, a freelance graphic designer from Cheshire, UK. Bringing innovative and contemporary design to your fingertips, I intend to make you stand out.

Here are the design services I am offering to you for 2009:

iPhone Icon Design
iPhone Icons have to be done right. The minute your application touches down in the iTunes App Store, it can potentially be seen by millions. Make that first impression you’ve always wanted to make. Stand out. Learn More …

Tab Bar Icon Design
Need to differentiate your apps tabs? Designed in 30 x 30 pixels, tab bar icons could make or break your application. Step out of the box. Learn More.

Splash Screen Design
One of the first things your user will see. It will display for about 7 seconds, but it’s the one factor your user will base their entire first impressions of your app on. It’s equally as important as your icon. It needs to look professional. It needs to convey what your app is about. It needs to speak. Learn More.

NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements)

RFlyGD takes it’s clientele’s confidentiality very seriously.

If your app hasn’t hit the App Store yet, you (as a developer) may be wary of your idea(s) being taken or copied. Therefore if you wish to prevent the information from falling into the public domain, RFlyGD will offer to sign a NDA agreement between you (the client) and RFlyGD (the licensor).

Under this agreement (if you so choose) you will also have the option of not appearing in the latest designs gallery, until the app does actually hit the store, or excluding your design from being downloadable.

LITE is in the AIR

For one week only, RFlyGD is offering anyone who orders iPhone Icon Design, the chance to get the lite version of their icon, absolutely free.

Do you have an application, but also offer a lite version with stripped down features? Need an icon for this version of your application?
We will give you the lite icon for this version of your application, FREE*.

Order before August 7th 2009 @ 11.59PM to qualify.

Go here to see this offers Terms and Conditions.

RFlyGD. Stand Out from the Crowd. Visit us at today!