How To Create a FREE US iTunes Account

How To Create a FREE US iTunes Account

If you haven’t already heard, Apple have today announced they have delayed the international launch of their tablet computer, the iPad, until ‘Late May’. With many people having already hung on Apple’s last words of ‘Late April’ it’s unsurprisingly this announcement has made a lot of non-US citizens very angry. Fortunately, services within the US can guarantee delivery of the device – to your door – anywhere in the world.

Trouble is, due to the device only being available in the US, and therefore only the US App Store functioning on it, when it arrives you might have a hard time getting the applications you require. Unless of course there was a way to create a US iTunes account, absolutely free …

Since importing my iPad, using the highly recommended transatlantic importation service Bundlebox, a numbers of our readers have e-mailed in, asking just how we are managing to obtain iPad applications from the iPad App Store, considering the store is still US-only on the device.

The answer? We have a special account on iTunes US which is limited to free, gifted and promotional copies of applications – and here’s a step by step tutorial on how you can get your very own!


For legal reasons we are stating that if you choose to use the method described below, you do so and your own risk and furthermore, you should also note that Apple’s official App Store policy forbids the sale of US published applications to anyone outside the United States of America. This walk-through is intended solely for the use of US residents.

Here’s How

Step 1. Navigate to the US iTunes App Store by tapping the flag globe in the bottom right hand corner of the store. Proceed to buy any ‘FREE’ application, then tap ‘Buy’ to begin downloading this application. Due to not owning a US account yet, iTunes will prompt for you to login. From here, tap ‘Create New Account’. This step is mandatory for a specific payment option to appear, which we’ll use in step 2.

Step 2. Fill in your details. Set a password, security question and birthday.

Step 3. Under the payment options, select “None” on the far right. This option only appears if you have followed Step 1 to the letter.

Step 4. Fill in the name and address fields, including a valid e-mail address. In our case, John Smith lives in Cupertino, California – with a wife, three kids and a rather large hamster.

Step 5. The next screen will ask you to verify your account. Simply navigate to your e-mail inbox and click the verification link in the e-mail Apple sent you. (This e-mail should arrive immediately although can take 20-30 minutes in some rare cases).

Step 6. Once iTunes is open simply login with your new details and you should see a “Congratulations” screen.

That’s it! – You can now use your brand spanking new US iTunes account to add US iTunes Gift Card credit, use it to redeem promotional copies of applications from developers or simply use it to get your hands on those free US iPhone and iPad apps. The best bit? That brand spanking new imported iPad of yours can now use the built-in US App Store. Cool eh?