Keynote for iPad Gets a Bunch of New Theme Templates!

Keynote for iPad Gets a Bunch of New Theme Templates!

A few weeks ago we gave you the heads up that Apple had issued an update to the mutli-touch version of iWork for iPad.

Consisting of Pages for word processing, Keynote for presentations and Numbers for spreadsheet management, the suite allows users to effectively create office documents on the move.

Today, we see not an official update from Apple, but a third-party developer come to the rescue, with the addition of 33 specifically-designed theme templates for iPad. Presentee is today launching what they are dubbing ‘Keynote Themes for iPad‘.

Priced at just £25, the digital pack is available for download at their official site.

Some of the Themes Included …

As the site notes, users need to have both a Mac and copy of iWork 09′ in order to use the bundle of extension themes. Although not designed or released by Apple themselves, the themes included in this pack are fully compatible with both iWork 09′ and suitable for use with Keynote for iPad.

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