International iPads Start Arriving Early – [PHOTOS]

International iPads Start Arriving Early – [PHOTOS]

With the iPad shipping internationally this week and with an official release date of this Friday (tomorrow) many people are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of their friendly neighborhood UPS van.

But with just a day to go it seems one UPS driver just couldn’t wait to deliver the device. A little under an hour ago now we received word from Twitter user Jamie Bishop (@J4m1eb) that one of his colleagues Stephen had in fact gotten his hands on his iPad which he pre-ordered via, early.

We’re told the device arrived at Stephen’s workplace located in Hatfield Heath, Essex here in the UK this morning, with the UPS delivery man simply stating “I swear the launch was today”..

[Update] – This story has now been featured on @Mashable. Thanks guys!

Jamie was kind enough to share some photos:

[via Jamie Bishop (@J4m1eb)]