Apple Introduces the “Friend Bar” – [HUMOR]

Apple Introduces the “Friend Bar” – [HUMOR]

Apple has today unveiled a new type of bar at its own retail stores, one which is designed for people like me and you who simply love to talk Apple.

The new bar which mirrors the existing “Genius Bar” the company has setup in its retail stores, is packed with staff who are simply there to be talked to.

The Friend Bar is a place where users with a valid Apple Care warranty can go to discuss leaked pictures of Apple products on websites that shall not be named. Or how about talking to someone about how Airport actually works on your Mac?

The Onion today reports that customers who enter an Apple Store from now on, and its clear from their approach that they’re simply there to impress, are now redirected to the Friend Bar to share their product enthusiasm with other Apple fans.

But it’s not just Apple, the friend bar has been setup to allow users to talk about pretty much everything … although we imagine Microsoft related talk may just be out of the question.

[@9to5Mac via @MacStoriesNet]