Camera+ … The Ultimate Photo App!

@TapTapTap finally brings you the perfect camera app! .. Or is it?

Camera+ is truly a winner. The first thing you notice is the absolutely beautiful UI design. The old fashion camera look is stunning and everything is stylized to fit the theme. The text font, the buttons, etc. all match a unique and highly-appealing style that will surely catch your eye.

You start out at an awesome splash screen which shows a classic camera with a peep-hole, retro-looking screen, and quick-capture button.

With just a tap of glass (literally, fake fingerprints appear), you are at the full-blown camera display. Right next to the shutter button, you’ve got a Motion Stabilizer to tap. When activated, this helpful function makes sure the camera is completely stable before taking a picture, so you don’t have to worry about taking those pesky blurry shots any longer. Camera+ also includes a zoom slider for up to 5x the distance and an optional grid to help you line up your shot just right.

Camera+’s lightbox is an awesome feature where all your photos are temporarily stored. They stay here so your camera roll doesn’t get all cluttered up. You save and edit photos from the lightbox. You can add a wide amount of special effects, and it’s both fun and easy to do! You simply tap a photo, press “Edit”, and are instantly shown a multitude of options. You can scroll left and right to choose an automated setting such as “Flash”, “Night, or “Backlit”. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can choose to crop your photo anyway you want to. There’s also a large range of FX Effects to choose from to enhance your photos and even some really neat borders to make your pictures really stand out!

You can also easily share your photos through @Facebook, @Twitter, and @Flickr. Unfortunately, the photo links you upload using Twitter automatically go to Camera+’s Photo Upload Service, and there’s no way of controlling this, which is a downfall. The pictures still turn out great as long as you set the quality setting to Full Resolution versus Optimized, which has its perks in faster sharing and saving speeds, but with reduced picture quality.

Camera+ has also recently been updated to include some awesome new features for users who are using the latest and greatest software + hardware. This includes higher resolution graphics for the iPhone 4′s Retina Display, support for multitasking on iOS4, and support for LED Flash and the Front-Facing Camera on the iPhone 4.

It’s easy to see that you’ll have a blast with Camera+. It’s an essential app for any iPhone owner and I definitely recommend it. With Camera+, you can really fall in love with taking pictures on your iPhone…all over again.

iPhone Integration [rating:5/5] Usability [rating:4.5/5] User Interface [rating:5/5] [rating:overall]


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