Industry PR Experts: iPhone 4 May Be Imminently Recalled By Apple

Industry PR Experts: iPhone 4 May Be Imminently Recalled By Apple

If you thought the iPhone 4′s reception issue was just going to blow over – think again. Today, a group of well respected industry public relation experts have stated they believe Apple may be gearing for a product recall on iPhone 4, as a result of the issue.

The move comes as the Cupertino based company is currently battling a large wave of bad press, under the internet-coined headline the “Death Grip“.

According to @CultOfMac, who spoke to the group at length, they reckon a product recall on iPhone 4 is now “inevitable” due to the scale and pace at which the bad press and criticism is spreading.

“Apple will be forced to do a recall of this product,” said Professor Matthew Seeger, an expert in crisis communication. “It’s critically important. The brand image is the most important thing Apple has.”

Crisis communication experts contacted by, including Chris Lehane, former Clinton White House “Master of Disaster,” agree: the iPhone 4 reception issue presents a Toyota-style PR crisis for Apple, and the company must respond with a more meaningful fix than a software patch.

The official word from Apple though is that the issue is far from related to the new device’s hardware and instead resides deep within the company’s iOS mobile operating system – a software fault which it publicly admitted had affected its iPhone product line since its initial introduction.

Since releasing the statement however, the blog-o-sphere alongside the mainstream media have continually reported on the issue, with some even stating Apple’s official statement was false and believe the issue is related to iPhone 4′s new hardware and its new antenna system.

It’s so far unclear if the company will recall iPhone 4, but according to this report today – Apple may no longer have a choice in the matter. In the words of Seeger, “This is potentially devastating.”.

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