iOS 4.1 (Beta 1) Now Available Worldwide. Come See What’s New! – [Updated x13]

iOS 4.1 (Beta 1) Now Available Worldwide. Come See What’s New! – [Updated x13]

Apple just this second released the next revision of its iOS mobile operating system to developers. iOS 4.1 (Beta 1). Hit the break for the full change log!

Previously rumored as coming and then confirmed by Apple itself via an official press release, iOS 4.1 promised that all important fix for the iPhone 4′s “Death Grip” issue.

As ever, it’s worth noting Apple state you should not install this beta software unless you have a dedicated device:

iOS 4.1 beta should only be installed on devices dedicated exclusively for iOS 4.1 beta testing. Do not install this software if you do not have a device dedicated exclusively for iOS 4.1 beta testing.

We’re expecting reception to be a little better once installed. iOS 4.1 (Beta 1) is now available for download to members of Apple’s iOS Developer Program at

[Update] – The OS file weighs in at 595MB for iPhone 4 and 4.1 sees the return of Apple’s (previously shown) step into the social gaming arena, Game Centre!

[Update 2] – Build number is 8B5080c.

[Update 3] – As noted by @Viticci, it seems strange Apple would jump all the way to 4.1 if the release was a small as this one is looking to be. Shouldn’t they have called it 4.0.1? .. a point release?

[Update 4] – @MacRumors is reporting iOS 4.1 includes a new modem firmware, with users seeing a “slight” increase in signal.

The new signal bars appear slightly taller than the previous ones, and presumably Apple’s calculations regarding signal strength has been revised.

[Update 5] – Sources close to Apple have just confirmed to RazorianFly there will be a iOS 4.0.1 release, however iOS 4.1 has some “incredible new features” which are not yet present in the developer builds released today.

[Update 6] – Modem firmware version has changed to 02.07.01 from 01.59.00.

[Update 7] – Twitter user @alchemistmuffin reports iOS 4.1 (Beta 1) includes a “new type of encryption” which allows Apple to check if a device has been jailbroken. He explains below …

Also, iOS 4.1 has new encryption technology, that will constantly check if iPhone or iPod touch, have been jailbroken. This is done by digital watermark that appears when iOS is jailbroken, and this watermark cannot be removed, even if reverted to unjailbroken status. Apple store employees will check for the watermark during iPhone service.

[Update 8] – Twitter user Cristian Palandrani (@cri900) notes Game Centre has had a visual overhaul! (screenshots below)

[Update 9] – As noted by @MacStoriesNet, you can now turn ‘Check Spelling’ off under Settings, General.

[Update 10] – As noted by Italian blog @iSpazio, iOS 4.1 reportedly does NOT fix the reception issue known as “Death Grip”.

As we stated in the article continuously updated on our notività Firmware 4.1, we already tried the iPhone and 4 we saw that Apple introduced the new bar higher for network signal.

It ‘was also solved the problem of calibration and now we see everyone except cleats than before. In the previous version in fact, we could almost always see the 5 notches but in reality we were not necessarily in an area with good signal. Now the formula is more accurate and riuciamo to actually see the real condition of our network.

However, the problems caused by the antenna effect hand, have not been resolved. There were up to the all clear, given the hardware and then trust in the new coating is applied in the new Apple iPhone 4.

[Update 11] – The visual difference in bars from iOS 4.0 to iOS 4.1 (Beta 1), courtesy of @MacRumors forum member ‘macduke’.

“I took the images from 4.1 and compared them to my 4.0 iPhone 4. I then did an opacity comparison and used the marquee tool to select the areas of each and color the difference in green. This is the result that I got, after blowing up the image x 4 so its easier to see. They have effectively made the smaller bar twice as tall! As tall as the old 2nd bar.”

[Update 12] – @alchemistmuffin further notes that iOS 4.1 may now include the ability for developers to directly modify media metadata.

Okay, something I shouldn’t say: looking at SDK, direct modification of media metadata may now be possible with iOS 4.1.

[Update 13] – @MacRumors reports ‘Favorites’ in the Phone app can now be added as Voice or FaceTime.

Image courtesy of @MacStoriesNet