Introducing App Search – Search The App Store Directly From

Introducing App Search – Search The App Store Directly From

If you visit this blog regularly, you may have noticed that today we’ve added a new section to our right sidebar. App Search.

For a long time we’ve wanted to provide an easy and intuitive way to search the iTunes App Store directly from our site – and with the help of 148Apps founder Jeff Scott (@Jeff148Apps) that’s exactly what we’ve been able to do. Based off the new iTunes search URL scheme, the service allows you to search the App Store just as you would via iTunes. Simply input which app you’re looking for, and we’ll whisk you off to iTunes to find it.

You can enter a number of terms to find what you’re looking for. For example, searching for “Games” will result in iTunes returning all games for both iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad. The best bit? It’s totally transparent. We’re not using affiliate links. This isn’t another way for us to make a quick buck. Instead, we’re providing it simply because we think you might enjoy using it.

RazorianFly App Search is available in two places on the site. The first is a dedicated page we’ve setup at The second is on our right sidebar over there, which is consequentially now shown on every page throughout the blog, allowing you to search the iTunes App Store from wherever you are on our site.

We hope you like it!