Front Cover Of Macworld Magazine Shot On iPhone 4! – [Updated: MORE PHOTOS!]

Front Cover Of Macworld Magazine Shot On iPhone 4! – [Updated: MORE PHOTOS!]

We know iPhone 4′s new 5 megapixel camera is great for the odd macro photo, but what about using it to shoot a front cover of a magazine?

That’s exactly what the guys over at Macworld have done. The September 2010 issue of the Macworld publication will feature a photo of iPhone 4 lay on top of a glass-topped desk. The photo was taken with an iPhone 4 using the rig you see below.

[Update] – More photos below. Courtesy of Peter Belanger.

Peter shoots Macworld covers with a Phase One P65+ digital camera, which offers 12 times the resolution of the iPhone 4’s camera. That meant getting an image as close to the size of the Macworld cover as possible, because any cropping would reduce the resolution of the image even further.

“For the most part, my strategy for photographing the cover didn’t change from how I normally would shoot,” Peter says in a blog post about the process. “I still had my normal set with lots of lights, flags and stands. I did have to change my light source from strobes to tungsten lights because the iPhone can’t sync with studio strobes. Normally I use Photoshop to add in the image on the iPhone screen and clean up dust, scratches and any other imperfections. I wasn’t going to have that same control on my iPhone so the photo needs to look really good and as close to final.”

“The iPhone’s Retina display was truly awesome,” he says. “I was really able to see the detail in the photo as I was shooting. It made me wish Apple produced all its monitors this way. The final photo was dust-free and looked great. I was extremely impressed with the detail that the iPhone was able to capture.”

… And Here’s the Cover

Click for high-res version

You can read more about the process and the post-production software used here.

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