Convert Your PDF Books For iBooks – [HOWTO]

Convert Your PDF Books For iBooks – [HOWTO]

Although iBooks allows you to view PDF files, it is not exactly the best way to read one if your PDF is actually a novel; you’ll constantly have to pan and zoom so the book becomes readable and it can be quite a hassle. Today I am going to show you how to fix that problem by converting your PDF Books into iBooks compatible books.

Here’s an example of the PDF version of a book in iBooks and what it looks like after converting it.





I’m sure you all noticed the HUGE difference, so let’s get started …

Editor note: this guide is based on the Windows version of the program however Mac users should have no problem following along.

Here’s How

Step 1: Download and install a program called ‘calibre’ (works on both Windows and Mac OS). Get it here.

Step 2: Once installed, launch calibre. You will be met by a ‘Welcome Wizard’. First of all specify the folder where you want to save your converted books and hit ‘Next’.

Step 3: Then choose Apple from the Manufacturers list and iPhone/iTouch + Stanza from the Device list and keep hitting ‘Next’ till the Wizard is finished.

Step 4: Now click the ‘Add books’ button and choose the PDF file you want to convert:

Step 5: Once your books is added, you can add meta-data to it, calibre can automatically download meta-data as well as the book cover.

Step 6: Once complete, click on the ‘Convert books’ button and hit ‘OK’

Step 7: Once your books has been converted, head over to the folder you specified earlier in the Wizard and drag the converted book (it should be a .ePUB file) into your iTunes library.

Step 8: Then connect your iOS-based device to the computer and hit sync. The book will automatically show up in iBooks.

That’s it – Hope you enjoyed this guide. If you did, please share it below. Thanks!