PocketCloud: CloudApp Comes to iPhone (and iPod touch) – [SCREENSHOTS]

PocketCloud: CloudApp Comes to iPhone (and iPod touch) – [SCREENSHOTS]

CloudApp. A service designed specifically to share links, photos, archives, audio, video, bookmarks and documents. Tied up nicely with the shortening service cl.ly, CloudApp provides a fast easy and efficient way to share files with others.

Today, the guys over at Mac Stories were able to give us a quick sneak peek of this unofficial client for iPhone (and iPod touch), dropping very soon.

@Viticci reports:

I was sent a preview build yesterday, but the app is already waiting for Apple’s approval and should be available in the App Store next week. PocketCloud isn’t developed by the Linebreak guys, @phaps is handling it. You can take a look at the app website here.

PocketCloud looks great, and works even better. Uploading files to the internet used to be a hard thing to accomplish on iPhone OS, but thanks to iOS 4 new APIs the developer managed to integrate support for full multitasking with uploads and sync happening in the background. Once you start the app and log in with your cl.ly credentials, you’ll see all your existing uploads organized by file type – the icons depicting them are delicious. Great attention to design.

You can upload files you already have in the Library, or paste directly from your iPhone clipboard. Imagine this combined with Pastebot and you get the idea. Uploads are fast under wifi connection, surprisingly good under 3G thanks to the iPhone 4’s improved upload speeds. You can view any kind of file, including Office and iWork documents, not to mention PDF and videos. The coolest feature, anyway, is the integration with iOS document sharing: say you receive a PDF in Mail.app, tap on it to send it to PocketCloud for direct upload. I haven’t seen this in any other app for iPhone or iPad.

PocketCloud is already in review with Apple, although no word on pricing just yet.

[via @MacStoriesNet]