Apple Prioritising Larger Developers In App Store Approval Process?

Apple Prioritising Larger Developers In App Store Approval Process?

Flavio Martins today points to some recent strange behavior within Apple’s App Store approval process, claiming the company may be prioritizing the acceptance of application updates from larger developers above those of more smaller, indie developers.

The site points to two application in particular. The first being Epic Win and the second being the official Facebook application. Interestingly enough, having landed in the App Store on Thursday, 19th August, Epic Win was re-submitted on Friday, 20th August due to bug in it’s first version. The application then experienced a whole week of no movement in submission status.

Meanwhile …

Thursday, August 19 – Facebook released v3.2.0 of it’s iPhone application complete with Places integration for US users (booo!).

Friday, August 20 – An update, Facebook v3.2.1 is available for download, not a bad turnaround presuming the build was submitted after 19th August.

Monday, August 23 – Yet another Facebook update, this time build v3.2

Is Apple prioritizing larger developers? – We’re inclined to think so.

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