iPhone Becomes -The- Most Popular Smartphone In U.S.

Tech industry analysts Canalys have today released U.S. smartphone market share figures and lo-be-hold the iPhone has come in at none other than first place!

According to the study, Apple has managed to capture 26.2% market share in regards to it’s iOS operating system, chasing Google’s Android tail which is currently the dominant force holding 43.6% of the market.

In Q3 2010, the worldwide smart phone market grew an impressive 95% over the same quarter a year ago to 80.9 million shipped units. Nokia retained its leadership position, albeit by a diminished margin, with a 33% share of the market. Apple’s healthy performance this quarter saw it achieve a 17% share worldwide, a little ahead of RIM, which held a 15% share this quarter. In the world’s largest smart phone market, the US, Apple ousted RIM from the top spot, seizing a 26% share as iPhone shipments continued unabated. RIM has also launched its latest generation smart phone, the Torch, though it only saw half a quarter’s shipments in the US. But the plethora of smart phones running the Open Handset Alliance’s (OHA’s) Android platform meant that Canalys’ final published country-level data shows that it took the lead in the US market by operating system (OS), with a 44% share.

[via Engadget]