BREAKING: Skyfire Removed From Italian App Store – [Update x17: Why Skyfire Was Pulled From The App Store]

No sooner had we reported it was here and available to download, Twitter user and iSpazio co-admin Cristian Palandrani (@cri900) is now reporting that Skyfire appears to have disappeared from the Italian App Store.

It is so far unclear why the app has been pulled and how many stores the application has been pulled in, or if this does in fact only affect the Italian App Store. Either way, if you want to view Flash video on your iPhone we suggest you go and grab this app while you still can!

More as we have it.

[Update] – Rizz, one of our readers, has confirmed the app has been removed in Luxembourg, too.

“Same here in Luxembourg. I was able to download it, and used it too, but as I wanted to post the review I got errors of not being able to connect to the app store. Anyways now searching for skyfire gives “no matches.”

[Update 2]Saudi Arabia was just added to that list, via @khaled.

[Update 3] – Gone in Sweden, via @_tobbe.

[Update 4] – Just had reports from @Greek_iPhone, it’s gone in Greece too.

[Update 5] – Still available in the UK, via @Chasethebase.

[Update 6] – Still reportedly available in Canada, according to both @bradyv and @DevilRejected.

[Update 7] – Confirmed, still available in the U.S.

[Update 8] – Twitter user @HelgeAI just confirmed the app is gone in Norway.

[Update 9] – In an interesting tidbit, we’ve just learned that Skyfire for Android is in fact FREE. Whereas the iOS version is (in stores where it is still available to download) £1.79 ($2.99). Maybe the app was meant to be free?

[Update 10] – Gone in Denmark, thanks @nielsvillemoes.

[Update 11] – Removed in Germany, via @sinilol

[Update 12] – I bet you can guess what I’m going to say next. Yep, it’s gone in Australia and Switzerland, too. Thanks @p0isonra1n and @griesgram.

[Update 13] – Twitter user @jrgifford adds his opinions to the ‘Was it meant to be FREE?’ debate, citing that this behavior happened with the official Hootsuite client, too before it returned to the store as a FREE app.

Arron, remember when @hootsuite went free? It disappeared from all App Stores for about an hour, then came back as free. That certainly supports the idea that SkyFire was MEANT to be free.

[Update 14] – No longer available in Spain, via @nerioth.

[Update 15] – No longer available in U.S.

[Update 16] – No longer available in Canada

[Update 17] – Skyfire have posted an official blog entry explaining the reason for the company no longer accepting new purchases through the App Store. Demand has reportedly been overwhelming. See:

[itunes link="" title="Skyfire_Labs_Inc-Skyfire_Web_Browser"]

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