Toshiba Introduces New ‘Blade-Type’ SSDs For MacBook Air, Available Immediately

As noted by Mac Rumors, Toshiba have today announced ‘blade-type’ SSD sticks for MacBook Air. Even more interesting? – The sticks come in an all-new form factor from the company’s normal SSD sticks. Designed ‘specifically’ for Apple’s MacBook Air.

Toshiba usually provide these sticks to Apple, for manufacturing purposes. The big news today however, is that the company has now opened up sale of these SSD sticks to the mass market.

Available now, the new drives are offered in capacities of 64-gigabyte (GB) (1), 128GB and 256GB, with a maximum sequential read speed of 220MB per second (MB/s) (2) and a maximum sequential write speed of 180MB/s. Ideally suited for integration into space-sensitive products, including tablet PCs, laptops, mini-mobile and netbook PCs, Toshiba’s latest SSD offering helps these devices achieve a super slim profile.

[via MacRumors]

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