Apple Patents: The iPhone Glove

With Winter fast approaching, Patently Apple is reporting on a recently filed patent from the Cupertino-based company which seems to suggest Apple may be working on iPhone-compatible gloves. If you’ve ever tried to operate your iPhone with normal, woolen gloves, you’ll likely know how much FAIL is involved.

The patent describes a new type of capacitive touchscreen, able to detect inputs from materials such as plastic and cloth.

“The new touch panel is still a projection design, but could be operated even while wearing gloves. Users could select icons with the tip of a fingernail, input handwriting with a plastic pen, and enjoy a wide range of other input methods. In short, it overcomes the disadvantages that the technology had suffered from in comparison to resistive films, making possible multi-touch operation with both insulators and fingers.”

We highly doubt Apple are working on a set of their own gloves, specifically for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, but … this patent could suggest the company is further investigating new touchscreens for it’s mobile devices.

[Patently Apple via 9to5Mac]