Identity Plate – Dog Tags Arrive On iPad

Dog tags for your iPad? – Sure. Just in time for this year’s holiday season newPCgadgets is offering up their contribution to making your iPad look even more ‘legit’.

And at $12.95 a pop, how can you refuse the instant manliness they promise to deliver?

The iPad Identity Plate offers a rich custom look while providing valuable contact information in the event your iPad is lost or misplaced. The elegant stainless steel plate secures to any iPad case ensuring that your iPad stands-out from the crowd. More importantly, if you accidentally misplace your iPad, now a Good Samaritan will now be able to get in contact with you.

The iPad Identity Plate is a clever gift idea and makes a great stocking stuffer. Give your iPad that personalized look that no one else has. Apple enthusiasts will be jealous that you got yours first. At $12.95 each they are very affordable, unlike many other iPad accessories.

[NewPCGadgets via iClarified]