Apple Replacing Original iPhone 4 Screws With Anti-Tampering ‘Torx’ Model?

Remember Fei Lam and his White iPhone 4 converter kit business? – Well, turns out Apple isn’t having any of it. If pulling auctions from eBay didn’t tell you something about Apple’s attitude towards this matter, according to 9to5Mac, both serviced and newly purchased iPhone 4′s are now having their original screws replaced with a much tougher ‘Torx’ screw.

The screws on the bottom of the iPhone 4 were fairly simple to remove and this allowed for quick front and black plating color conversions. Now, it appears that Apple is replacing their original iPhone 4 screws with something much tougher to unscrew, Torx. The Torx type of screw is known to prevent tampering and is fairly difficult to unscrew. Apple’s latest MacBook Airs even feature the Torx screw-type due to the extremely fragile batteries the device carries. Additionally, some internal sources have let us know that this is in fact a new Genius Bar policy.

Even more interesting? – Apple’s promotional and marketing images for the iPhone 4 have always shown the torx screws. Now, I don’t know about you, but my iPhone 4 screws currently (and always have) looked like the below.

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