The Incident’s “Big-Screen TV” Update Goes Live, World Rejoices

At the start of last month, we told you about the popular Tetris-esque gaming title ‘The Incident’ and how it would be receiving a rather large update sometime in the future which would allow you to play the game on your big-screen TV.

In what is most certainly an App Store first, The Incident version 1.3 is now available for download, and carries all the big-screen TV goodness you could ever wish for.

What do you require to marvel over The Incident on your own big-screen TV? – Well, turns out, just a VGA Adapter or Composite AV Cable. This update marks the start of a very awesome chapter in App Store history. A chapter which will finally see the games we play on our mobile devices come to our big-screen TV.

Apple doesn’t need a modern day games console – it already has one.

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