KEI 2010 – The Voice Controlled Clock For iPhone That Actually Speaks Back To You!

I have to say before we even start, I love this app. I first came across it via Arnold Kim’s app discovery service AppShopper, and their recently published blog post highlighting the app.

At it’s heart Kei 2010 is a voice controlled clock. The awesome thing about this little clock app though is that, unlike other offerings, it actually speaks back to you. As shown in the video above, to instigate Kei to follow one of your spoken commands you simply have to say “Hello, Kei (Kay)”. The screen will turn green and Kei will ‘wake’, greeting you by saying “Welcome, What’s your order?”.

There are a number of voice commands available for you to say, including; Time, Today’s Date, Alarm, Set Alarm, Alarm Sound, Alarm Off and Help. Each of which will see Kei perform a number of actions based on the command given.

Now although you might argue there are a lot of clock apps out there which boast more functionality than this one, and I’d agree – there are, KEI 2010′s retro charm and ability to speak back really does provide a new experience when reading and asking for the time. As for the distance away by which you can stand to ask Kei the time, well … that sort of varies dependent on background noise. With a quiet room and clear speech you’ll be looking at a distance around 90cm (3 long rulers). Don’t worry though, when Kei can’t hear you, you’ll see a question mark on screen signaling for you to repeat what you just said.

Kei 2010 is available now and will set you back $1.99.

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