Steve Wozniak’s iPad Portrait

iPad is scientific. iPad is creating. iPad is musical. iPad is medical. iPad is social. iPad is artistic. Yes, the iPad is useful and handy for many things, including to light a photoshoot,  But one that really catches my eye is its ability to be a tool for artists.

David Newman paints high quality portraits on his iPad. His equipment includes: iPad, Sketchbook Pro, and a Pogo Sketch Stylus. Being Steve’s friend on Facebook, I realized he changed his profile picture. An hour or two later, he proceeded to post a status update explaining his picture.

Throughout the comments, he would answer people’s questions and explain it a bit more. The complete process of it took a whopping 3 hours. But Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, says it was “best photo and painting of me ever”.

Whether acrylics and a canvas, or stylus and a few thousand pixels – David Newman is truly amazing.