HiveDock: Turn Your iPhone Into A Powerless TV – [VIDEO]

The HiveDock is a small accessory for your iPhone which basically acts as a huge magnifying glass to create a “TV”-esque experience. Because of this, it requires no electricity or power to run it. It’s made by a company called Screendoor Studios and was introduced this week at CES.

Requiring no electronics or power, Hive amplifies the iPhone’s onboard speaker in either landscape or portrait orientation. It does this by channelling the sound into a concave chamber that projects the sound upward and outward toward the listener’s ears. A Fresnel lens stands parallel to the iPhone’s Retina Display at a set distance of 4 inches, providing crystal clear 2X magnification.

Pretty cool, eh? – If you’re interested in getting one of these, you can contact Screendoor, here.

[via 9to5Mac]