AT&T CEO Lets Announcement Of LTE 4G iPhone 5 Slip? – [Updated]

U.S telecoms giant AT&T just held their developer summit at which they announced a large number of Android-based handsets set to hit the network over the coming months – and among the companies expected to offer LTE compatible devices this year? – Apple.

Um. AT&T, last time we checked this hadn’t been confirmed. So, what exactly is going on?

Despite the seemingly accidental slip up by AT&T Wireless CEO, Ralph de la Vega, a spokewoman for the company has this to say.

Ralph “certainly didn’t confirm LTE iPhone like BGR reported.”

[Update] – Snippet from Engadget:

De La Vega just name-dropped Apple among the list of upcoming “4G” device platforms (again, LTE and HSPA+) — although he could just be reminding the audience that they’ll still have the iPhone.

[via 9to5Mac]