Is This Apple’s Holding Page For The Mac App Store? – [Update: Yes]

While it may not look very “Apple” like, we just came across a tweet from twitter user @alextsayun which leads to what appears to be a holding page of some sort, hosted on Apple’s iTunes servers.

We’re not entirely sure if this is for the Mac App Store launch, (reportedly set to take place at noon eastern today), or if it is just a holding page left over from the original App Store launch back in 2008.

Either way, it is definitely intriguing. You can check the page out for yourself, here.

[Update] – According to twitter user @DanClarkePro the App Store icon graphic shown was created by Apple on January 4, 2011, leading us to believe this is in fact Apple’s holding page for the upcoming Mac App Store.

[via @alextsayun]