Devs And Their Take On The Mac App Store

An excerpt from Macworld’s interesting read on various app developers weighing in on the experience of the Mac App Store (so far). Featuring Andrew Sinkov (Evernote), Isaiah Carew (YourHead Software), Philip Goward (Smile), among others.

The potential of the Mac App Store to simplify so much of the app ownership process is undeniably appetizing for end users. But for software developers, the story is a bit more complex. Macworld talked to several developers to get their thoughts on the Mac App Store.

In the big picture, the developers we spoke with are just as intrigued by the Mac App Store as Mac users. “The Mac App Store is fantastic,” Andrew Sinkov, Evernote’s VP of Marketing, told Macworld. “I like that it brings easy browsing and buying to the masses,” said Isaiah Carew, founder of YourHead Software. There is an early sense of excitement that Apple is using what it learned from the iOS App Store to bring a fresh new round of attention to the established Mac platform.

“It’s a really helpful addition to the Mac Platform,” said Philip Goward, founder of Smile. “It enables software products to be more discoverable, and more easily purchased and installed by Mac users.”

[via Macworld]