Verizon iPhone Slated For February 3 – [REPORT]

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “… not the Verizon iPhone thing, again!”, but according to BGR this afternoon, all of these rumors may just be set to come to an end, February 3. Because, you see, that is the date they believe Verizon will announce the Apple iPhone on their network.

… And they have good reason to believe this. That “guess” is based on a number of important (almost undeniably coincidental) factors.

The first is that Apple’s “Employee Blackout” dates are scheduled this year for February 3rd and February 6th. What this means is, Apple’s employees will have been given prior notice of these two seemingly important dates, to ensure that they don’t plan holidays for these dates, therefore ensuring everyone is “available”.

Another fact? – Verizon announces big things on Thursdays. Guess what? … February 3 is a Thursday.

Finally, the last fact isn’t actually a fact at all, but a culmination of previous rumors which suggest that for some reason, February 3 is “D Day” for the Verizon iPhone.

Now, if that didn’t convince you somewhat that the Verzion iPhone may just be around the corner – this just might. In an update to their initial report, BGR also claims that “Verizon is having another one of their mandatory face-to-face training sessions for an “iconic pre-order”, this one scheduled for January 25 to February 4, 2011,”

Get ready, it’s coming.

[BGR via 9to5Mac]