Facebook For iPhone’s New (Hidden) “Messages” Section – [SCREENSHOTS]

After hearing reports about people getting their exclusive Facebook email address, we had to find a way to activate ours as we had requested an invite on the day of the announcement.

Upon beginning our search, we immediately came across Facebook’s “Messages” page where it informed us we could upgrade our account. After upgrading we were redirected to a page where we (finally) got our Facebook email address.

Later we opened up Facebook for iPhone and upon minimizing the account’s news feed, everything had changed! .. Well at least the ‘Messages’ section. It seems that the guys at Facebook had hidden a whole new design for the Messages portion of the app, which is only accessible after activate Facebook’s email service on your account.

So, What’s Changed?

Those three tabs at the bottom. Previously they read Messages, Updates and Sent. Now they read Messages, Other and Online. But that’s not all.

Now from what we can tell, after activating your Facebook email account you’ll notice you immediately see bigger profile pictures for each contact you have on your account. Every friend now has their own thread which contains all their messages to you. The ‘Others’ tab also appears to show which email has come from people who are not yet on your friends list.

A small find, but something we thought we’d share with you nonetheless.