LCD Screen Of Next-Gen iPad? – [Update: Vibrating Motor?]

GlobalDirectParts, the guys who claimed to have leaked iPhone 5 parts a few weeks ago before Apple reportedly ordered the video to be pulled, have today hit the news again. This time however it isn’t because of the iPhone.

Instead, the firm has it the wires again due to MacRumors having today found the firm openly selling what appears to be the LCD screen of the next-gen iPad (pictured above). The part is on sale for $218.19, versus $63.35 for the current-gen screen (which they also sell).

Based on GlobalDirectParts’ old price lists, they sold the original iPad LCD for $144.99 in June of last year. This means the $218.19 iPad 2 part represents a more expensive part, even when considering prices at launch.

The next interesting part is an iPad Vibrating Motor. No photo is provided, but it’s a curious part since the iPad currently has no vibrating motor. It’s possible this is simply a mislabeled iPhone part, but does raise the possibility of the feature making its way into the next iPad.

Are these official parts from Foxconn? – If so, this could mean Apple is already shipping replacement parts for the second-generation iPad to repair outlets like this one.

[Update] – As noted by MacRumors, although no photo is offered, the supplier is also selling what appears to be a “vibrating motor”, causing speculation to now fall to whether this part will also be included in the next-generation iPad.

[MacRumors via MacStories]