Apple Signs New iPhone Deal With AT&T. Signals End Of All Exclusive Contracts, Worldwide.

With a device such as the iPhone, exclusivity can be a great thing. Heck, AT&T should know this best as it has held complete exclusivity over the iPhone since it’s initial launch in 2007.

Surprising nobody, AppleInsider this week reports that Apple has in fact signed a new, non-exclusive deal with U.S telecoms network AT&T, therefore finally bringing an end to the company’s exclusivity over the iPhone, with Apple COO, Tim Cook, claiming exclusivity deals on the iPhone are now off, with all carriers, worldwide.

Without going into details, Apple’s chief operations officer Tim Cook described signing “a multi-year, non-exclusive deal with AT&T,” before affirming that “we are not in a contractual exclusivity now in any country in the world; the last one was the US. We have moved away from those.”

Cook also noted that “we’ve seen this in every case where we’ve moved from exclusive carrier arrangement to a dual- or multi-carrier arrangement: our growth has changed significantly and our market share has increased,” although he said that “Not in every country nor are we out doing that [signing up multiple carriers] in every country. Each market has their own parameters and technology.”

[via AppleInsider] [img @Engadget]