65% Of Apple’s Revenue Comes From iOS Devices

Sure, we all know the iPhone is popular, but as each new product, incremental hardware (and software) update has been released, the iOS family has grown to become an ever-more larger part of Apple. In fact, so large that Apple is now thought to be earning roughly 65% of it’s entire company revenue from iOS devices.

These figures come in a form of a new report published by market researchers Asymco who have been analyzing both Apple and the market as a whole for years.

“iOS powered products (which did not exist three and a half years ago) generated 65% of all sales in the last quarter. OS X powered products generated 20% of sales. That’s a noteworthy combined total of 85%,” Horace Dediu writes.

He also notes that sales of OS X software and apps yielded another $786 million or 3% of total, suggesting another $600 million revenue comes from Apps sales at iTunes.

[Asymco via 9to5Mac]