Asteroids + Breakout = Breakeroids – [VIDEO TRAILER]

Sticking with the retro theme today, TouchArcade notes another recently released title this time from App Store developers Coolpowers, which ultimately combines two of the most well known retro-based arcade titles to have ever seen the light of day – Asteroids and Breakout.

Its name? – Breakeroids.

Just as you would expect, Breakeroids features all the classic elements of both Asteroids and Breakout, while not encroaching on the original aspect of either of the games. Best of all? – the game glows.

Game Center supported and, (as of writing), rocking a so far unscathed 5-star rating, here’s a little of what you can expect from this new retro-inspired offering.

It works like this… The upper three-quarters of the screen is a pretty standard Asteroids-like field of asteroids drifting about the play area, with the occasional alien saucer passing by. The lower quarter of the screen contains a Breakout-style paddle, separated from the asteroids by a multilayer convex shield.

As the game begins, you fire a ball up towards the asteroids in an effort to break them into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually eliminating them. Power-ups (thank you, Arkanoid) descend occasionally, for better and for worse. The aforementioned shield keeps the asteroids (but not the alien saucer’s bombs) from passing into your paddle space — but with each missed ball, one layer of the shield drops off. You start with three shield layers, but eventually (for all but the perfect player) that drops to two, then one, then…none. And, once your shield is gone, the first time an asteroid passes off the bottom of the screen, it’s Game Over. You get a full, new set of shields with each level and, in classic arcade fashion, there is an infinite number of levels. And the whole scene is rendered in beautiful, glowing retro vectors that support the Retina display and, at that resolution, look as if they’re being rendered onto a proper vector monitor.

Breakeroids is available on the App Store now, setting you back $1.99.

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