Sneak Peek Inside One Of Apple’s Five Retail Store Briefing Rooms – [PHOTOS]

At this point it is clear that, although most other companies try to take their retail chains seriously, Apple is the only one who seemingly takes meticulous care over who works in each store, what practices are carried out in given customer situations and what training their employees receive for which products.

In fact, the company is so serious about keeping the golden reputation which currently surrounds their world-renown shopping experience that it also builds briefing rooms into the back-end of some of its stores. We say some because not every Apple retail store has one of these (secretive) briefing room. Actually, there are only five known Apple store briefing rooms … in the world.

The report comes via Pioneer Press reporter Julio Ojeda-Zapata who claims he managed to snag an interview with Apple’s Vice President of retail operations, who gave an insight into the rooms and what they might be used for.

Apple has also opened Briefing Rooms in retail stores in London, Paris, Philadelphia and Shanghai. The secluded spaces are intended to whisk small-business executives and technology coordinators away from the often-cacophonous consumer showroom for heart-to-hearts about how Apple can meet their needs (and get them to drop megabucks on shiny Macs and iOS devices, of course.)

Each attendee within these rooms is now said to be equipped with an iPad for carrying out business and briefing sessions. There’s also a full Flickr set available here which gives you a better idea of what the overall design of these five rooms looks like.

Pretty interesting stuff.

[TUAW via MacStories]