Apple Schedules Secret Retail Employee Meeting, Suggests Special Media Event Is Just Days Away.

According to new reports coming in today, Apple has reportedly asked its retail employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement relating to a “secret” meeting to be held (likely in one of these 5 rooms) later this week.

Although the subject of this meeting is so far unclear, AppleInsider claims that it has it on good authority that the meeting could be in preparation for one of the company’s highly-anticipated special media events.

The news follows Apple missing its annual consumer-focused January media event this year, rumors of 5 new MacBook Pro models dropping as early as this Thursday and the just breaking rumor that the second-generation iPad may have been delayed until sometime around June.

Apple has asked its retail employees to sign non-disclosure agreements ahead of an all-hands meeting likely to be held later this week, and potentially foreshadowing a forthcoming media event, AppleInsider has been told.

People familiar with the company’s retail plans revealed that Apple employees on Monday were asked to sign non-disclosure forms. Those who did not sign are said to be excluded from the next employee meeting, expected to be held in the next week.

Those privy to Apple’s brick-and-mortar businesses indicated the meeting was originally scheduled for last week. But the meeting was apparently pushed back for one week, for reasons unknown.

If true, media invites for an event of this nature could be seen within days.

Excited? – We are.

[via AppleInsider]