Apple Halts Production Of Current Generation iPad, Retail Supply Channels Start Drying Up

News that comes as no surprise, due to the company now confirmed as holding an iPad-focused media event this Wednesday, 9to5Mac reports that various sources are confirming that Apple has in fact completely halted the production of the current generation iPad.

Below we find stock supply database entries which were reportedly taken from a number of stores across the world, suggesting Apple has not only stopped production of the device in light of the imminent introduction of iPad 2, but as seen below with the references of ‘Constrained’ and ‘No ETA‘, has also completely cut off retail supply channels.

MB292LL/A – iPad 16GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MB293LL/A – iPad 32GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MB294LL/A – iPad 64GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MC349LL/A – iPad 16GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA
MC496LL/A – iPad 32GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA
MC497LL/A – iPad 64GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA

[via 9to5Mac]

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