Bloomberg: Apple Isn’t Working On Music Streaming … It’s Working On Unlimited Downloads.

Bloomberg today reports that Apple may be working on unlimited downloads for music you purchase from the iTunes Music Store. Currently, when you purchase a track, unlike the system now used on the App Store, the iTunes Music Store will not let you download another copy of the track without asking you if you’re sure you wish to re-purchase it.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s intention is not to introduce a subscription-based music streaming service, but instead the company is reported as working on a system which will allow users to freely re-download tracks which they have already purchased from the iTunes Music Store, from any iOS device, connected to the same Apple ID.

Think of it as working like the iTunes App Store does now. You buy an app and as long as you are signed into the original account used to purchase said app, you can download the app an unlimited amount of times, on any iOS device, for FREE – and now the same system is reportedly coming to music.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Apple is instead, planning to offer unlimited downloads to any device linked to the same iTunes account. So, purchase a track on your iPhone and download it again for free to your iPad without having to go back and tether the mobile device to your PC or Mac for a sync. Hard disk crash? No worries, there’s a permanent backup in the cloud. Of course, there’s nothing preventing Apple from providing unlimited downloads in parallel with a streaming service except for the labels and artists who prefer the higher revenues paid out by download services. Then again, if it was left to them we’d still be buying our music on $15 CDs.

As for the North Carolina data center …

Contrary to popular speculation aroused by Apple’s purchase of Lala, they’re not talking about streaming music from Apple’s new North Carolina data center scheduled to come online in the spring.

[via Engadget] [img 9to5Mac]

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