iPad 2 Pre-Orders To Kick Off In The UK Next Week? – [Update 2: March 8?]

While browsing Apple.com tonight we noticed something pretty cool. Apple’s UK iPad 2 ‘Notify Page‘ has gained the line “or pre-order from the Apple Online Store.”, suggesting UK iPad 2 pre-orders are probably not too far away.

The same though can’t be said for the U.S, with Apple.com only offering options to buy in-store or online on March 11. Currently, there is no option (for any country) to pre-order the device, guaranteeing delivery for launch day.

If we had to guess though, we’d say that iPad 2 pre-orders might appear as early as next week, possibly on March 11 itself, giving Apple 2 weeks to process iPad 2 online pre-orders and secure delivery for the UK’s launch date of March 25.

[Update] – @Zyber17 provides the following screenshot, (with a little hackery added to the original UK URL), which shows iPad 2 pre-orders may also be available to the U.S as well.

[Update 2] – We’re hearing whispers from sources that we trust that iPad 2 pre-orders will kick off (in the UK, at least) on March 8.

[via Apple]

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