iPad Multitasking/Navigation Gestures Still Live In iOS 4.3, For Non-Developers? – [Update: YES]

Despite Apple claiming that the feature was a “developer preview” just a few weeks back, stating that multitasking gestures would not make it into iOS 4.3, when iOS 4.3 GM hit last week we noted that the gestures setting was in fact still in tact for those developers who wished to activate them via Xcode.

However, the feature may also be live in iOS 4.3 for non-developers, too. Reader Wills (@WillsB3) notes that his non-developer, never-connected-to-Xcode iPad shows ‘Multitasking Gestures’ underneath Settings. If true, this could spell another selling point for iPad 2 tomorrow.

[Update] – We’ve just recieved word via reader Jeffery that this is in fact the case.

I just hooked my iPad up to Xcode and clicked use for development. I don’t have a developer login so I just hit cancel. I check general settings just for kicks, Multitasking Gestures!

[via @WillsB3]