This Is Why Apple Has It Right – [VIDEO]

Meet, Bridger. He’s 2-years old, and guess what? – He can use the iPad, a sophisticated content consumption (and now creation) tool, effortlessly. In the following video we see Bridger use more than half a dozen apps to prove he can swipe, draw, scrub and flick his way through iOS with unimaginably ease.

Mike, his dad, finishes with “his speech, understanding, word recognition, and even hand eye coordination have improved within just a short while.”

[youtube width=300 height=270]MGMsT4qNA-c[/youtube]

This just proves how Apple has this right. Mixing a great user experience with both simplicity and a whole number of powerful and useful applications makes iOS (and iPad in general), completely universal. Not only does it visually appeal to a mass audience, it can also be used by almost everyone, simply by picking the thing up.

We’re pretty sure this is the future.

[via 9to5Mac]

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