iPhone 5 Set To Sell 100 Million Units, Claim Analysts

Analyst Asymco this week offers up the above chart showing previous sales figures for the iPhone. Interestingly, if correct, the chart suggests Apple could be set to sell 100 Million units of its next generation iPhone, iPhone 5.

Originally expected to make its introduction at WWDC11 on June 6, new rumours which surfaced today now suggest we might not see the revamped device until sometime next year.

We arrive at this assumption as the above chart confirms that, year-on-year, the iPhone has doubled in sales compared to its pervious iteration. Selling 100 Million units would mean that iPhone 5 would match the sales of all previous Apple iPhone models released thus far, even possibly managing to take the title of the “most successful” iPhone Apple has ever produced.

If past iPhone sales are anything to go by, Apple is set to move a whooping hundred million iPhone 5 units. In other words, a fifth-generation iPhone will match sales of all previous models combined, helping Apple maintain a healthy 20+ percent market share in smartphones. The assumption is based on the above chart from Asymco that outlines monthly sales for all four iPhone models, approximated based on actual quarterly sales divided over the months according to the number of days available. So far, each iPhone generation doubles on the previous.

[via 9to5Mac]