Coldwell Banker + Apple = First Ever Real Estate iAd For iOS

Last week, you may remeber we picked up on the fact that real estate professionals Coldwell Banker were acting all secretive over Twitter. Questions then fell to just what the announcement previously mentioned could be, especially given that the tweet was sent out on March 24, just a day before the iPad 2 was set to launch internationally.

Well, although not directly related to the iPad 2 itself, we now know what Coldwell Banker and Apple met for that faithful afternoon. They were designing the first ever real estate iAd.

In a blog post to the company’s official blog, David Marine of Coldwell Banker, wrote:

“As you may know the iPad is on its way to being the most quickly adopted piece of technology of all time. It’s where consumers are turning not just for entertainment, but to search, read and browse online. And with the launch of our new Coldwell Banker iPad app, it made perfect sense to venture into the iPad world to help market our seller’s homes and allow buyers to find the right home for their needs.”

Below is a demo of their new iAd in action.

[youtube width=300 height=270]_c032wtZLYA[/youtube]

[via Geeksmack]
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