Two Guys Arrested After Using iPhones To Drain Video Poker Game Machines

According to reports surfacing this weekend, two Chinese men in the Emilia-Romagna province of Italy were arrested on Friday after they managed to completely drain a number of video poker machines in a local betting shop, using software they had installed on their iPhones to interact and ‘trick’ the cash dispenser into releasing large amounts of cash.

The betting shop owner reportedly became suspicious of the two men after he witnessed the activity first hand. He called the police and the officers reportedly used “electrical impulse” tools in order to determine the source of the fraudulent software.

It was noticed that whenever one of the two boys had one hand in his pocket, the other boy, sitting in front of the screen videpoker promptly won large sums of money. At that point it was easy to understand the cause of the strange repeated winnings.

The men were then reportedly taken into custody, one man of whom was thought to be a 29-year old resident in Pavullo Frignano (Modena) and the other a 42-year old who also lived in Modena.

[via iSpazio]